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MAC STEEL has floor-type milling-boring nachine, portal-type processing center, vertical lathe, deep-hole drilling machine, nulti-drilling machine and planer, which are multi-standard, high-precision and multi-function.
MAC STEEL has a wealth of machining experience and cases, such as the processing of tube sheets, food machinery, papermaking equipment, tank storage trucks, large oil tanks, pressure vessels, etc.

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pneumatic tube cleaner; portable electric tube cleaners; portable electric tube cleaners atc; portable pneumatic tube cleaner accessories; portable pneumatic tube cleaner accessories (c-gun) portable pneumatic tube cleaner accessories (dc) portable pneumatic tube cleaner accessories (driven shaft)) portable pneumatic tube cleaner accessories Tube Cleaners from Elliott Tool TechnologiesElliott Tool's 1300 Series Air Turbine Style Straight Tube Cleaners are ideal for 1.750 to 3.999 ID (44.5mm to 101.6mm) commonly found in firetube and watertube boilers. The air turbine style motor design provides an immediate and powerful startup to drive the cleaning head down the tube at a high speed, removing medium to heavy deposits CG625/1250 Pneumatic Tube Cleaning Gun USA Industries, Product Details. The Tube Cleaning Gun turns a special brush or drill coupled to a hollow rigid shaft while supplying a stream of water to flush out deposits and increase drilling speed. The water flow is adjustable as needed. Moderately plugged tubes can be cleaned with our Metal or Nylon brushes. Portable Electrical Tube Cleaners, Tube Cleaning In this system of tube cleaning different type & diameter's of shaft as per tube I.D. of h hollow air craft quality is used. The different type & diameter of shafts are coupled together to form required length of tube to be cleaned. Pneumatic Boiler Tube Cleaner Tube Cleaner For Boiler. Condenser Tube Cleaners Electric Tube Cleaners Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaners Kits - Tube Cleaning Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaners Kits Kit consist of 1 drive (BC 20 or BC 330), 4 nos. of hollow drive shafts, 1 no. of hollow driven shafts, 5 nos. of shaft coupling, drive coupling based on length of tube to be cleaned and 20 cleaning tools (carbide drill, brushes, buffing tool). Tube Cleaning Tool - TUBE CLEANING FLEXIBLE SHAFT In the wake of the ever rising demand for reliable products, we are engaged in offering a wide assortment of Boiler Tube Cleaning Cutter.These cutter heads are designed for cleaning straight and curved tubes as found in boilers, air heaters, economizers, etc. Cutter heads are provided with three cutter wheels, one each of straight teeth, teeth cut right hand, teeth cut left hand, for quicker condenser boiler tube cleaning equipment Coal Fired Sep 06, 2021 · Tube & Pipe Cleaners Elliott Tool Rotary Tube Cleaning System. Elliott's Roto-Jet Tube Cleaning Systems are an effective solution to increasing chiller, condenser, and other heat exchanger Putzmaus The best boiler tube cleaning tool in the world. YouTube 9 Jun 2009 peak efficiency quite simply, the best boiler tube cleaning system in [] Boiler Tube Cleaner and Tools - Flexible Shaft for Sugar Boiler Tube Cleaner and Tools. Pioneers in the industry, we offer flexible shaft for sugar industry, open body stainless steel trolley boiler tube cleaner, tc series flexible shaft boiler tube cleaner, boiler cleaning brushes, boiler portable pneumatic tube cleaner and ct series tool head cutter from India. Portable Pneumatic Tube Cleaner Manufactures India - Tube Portable pneumatic tube cleaners used hollow air craft quality shaft of different diameters s per tube I.D. to be cleaned which can be coupled together to form length of the tube to be cleaned. Water flows through the hollow tube & flushes out deposits that are loosened by Pneumatic Tube Cleaners, Manufacturer, Supplier, Mumbai, Pneumatic Tube Cleaners. Features :» Shock Resistant - Excellent for applications where using electric equipment is hazardous. » Speed / Torque control - Shaft rotation can be set at optimum speed for each application. » Versatile - Interchangeability of different size Flexible Shafts for Wet Cleaning (Nylon Casing) and cleaning tools. Boiler Tube Cleaning Equipment, Manufacturer, Mumbai, IndiaBoiler Tube Cleaning Equipment. We are a well-established manufacturer of tube cleaning equipment, tube cleaning machine, dry tub cleaning equipment suitable for dry application & wet application. The different types of dry tube cleaning equipment that we offer includes wire brushes, tool head cutters, electrical tube cleaners and more. Pneumatic Boiler Tube Cleaners for boiler & heat exchanger Pneumatic Boiler Tube Cleaners for boiler & heat exchanger tubes.Our Air Motor 6000 series Air motor boilers & heat exchanger tubes . We supply Cleaning Accessories Single cone Assembly,Single and Double cone Assemblies,Double cone Assembly,Drill /Cone Assembly,Carbide Drill.We supply Accessories for Turbine style Tube Cleaners,Accessories for Turbine style Tube Cleaners - Armourd Portable Condenser Tube Cleaning Machine - Portable In condenser tube cleaners, tube cleaning equipment, condenser tube cleaning, electric tube cleaners and pneumatic tube cleaners, the brushes or other cleaning tools are rotated through a tube at the tip of the flexible shaft. Simultaneously water gets injected, hence loosen deposits leaving tubes cleaned. Flexible shafts ensure use of bent tubes.

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